I have to thank this City of Scottsdale Park & Rec employee for being one of the most annoying ass-clowns I ever had the pleasure of dealing with. He brought that fucking clip board no fewer than five times during my son’s 6th Grade Birthday Party to make sure we were in compliance with the rules. This is after we paid the city to rent a Ramada and get beer and vendor permits (a company ran a Nerf war for the kids). He tried shutting down the party three times. First, isĀ the vendor licensed. Yes. Does he have a copy of the license with him. No, but it can be emailed to the Park. Do you have a permit to drink beer? Yes. Do you have it with you? No, but it says in your paperwork we do, along with the permit number, so why the fuck are you asking. Does the vendor have a SCOTTSDALE business license? Yes. Does he have a copy? No, but it can be emailed. Finally, it does not show the vendor is A SCOTTSDALE PREFERRED VENDOR and thus they can’t be here. Finally, the owner of the Nerf company came over was was like, “hey asshole, your park hired me this past Friday night to run three events at this very park, which I did, so what the fuck!?” Finally, he came by one more time to make sure we were throwing our trash out. Hey fuck-stick, why are you putting this much effort into making sure the rules are being followed at a party for 6-year-olds, who’s parents’ salaries average about $400k, at a Ramada where 5 of the 45-year-old dads are drinking an Old Style and the decibel level never got over 32. Needless to say, this will be the last time we use a Scottsdale park. Now I see, just a bit, why so few businesses want to deal with the city and instead move their stuff to Phoenix.



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