I’m actually of fan of her in respect to the other Democratic candidates.  But I am flabbergasted by her position on WikiLeaks, Assange and Snowden, especially since she loves to talk about her military experience.

Go about 1:50:00 into the podcast and listen to her include Julian Assange with part of the “new media”.  First, nobody in the media pays people to steal state secrets.  It has been long understood that journalists are protected if they publish information provided to them, even classified information, by a third party without the journalist compelling them to do so.  Assange got his information after he first entered into agreement with active military personnel, government employees holding security clearances and foreign governments for them to steal information.  He is not a journalist.

Then I hear many people, Rogan and Gabbard included, talk about how he released information to “embarrass” the US.  That’s true.  But it’s funny how people forgot he also released tons of information done so not to embarrass, but to hurt the US in the way of costing American lives.

Let’s talk about just a few.  I’ve mentioned it before.  Assange released the schematics of a classified radio jamming signal that was used to great effect to stop IEDs detonated remotely against US troops.  The systems were know as Warlock Red and Green.  Once the information on the systems were in the public realm, terrorists found a way to defeat them.  It took almost 5 years for the US to create a new system.  In that time the US military saw huge increases in IED causalities.

Next, Assange released the names and locations of interpreters that were helping US troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Who was that done to embarrass?  The whole world knew they were being used.  After Assange released the names, over 200 interpreters were murdered, including their families in many cases.

I don’t understand how Gabbard who, as part of a medical unit in the military, probably cared for many of the same troops and interpreters injured as a result of these very “news releases”.  I just don’t get it.  I’m sure she knew at least one person directly effected by the WikiLeak dumps.

Let’s talk about stuff I saw during my time on a FBI Cyber Task Force.  Assange released several Zero Day exploits know by the US government.  A Zero Day exploit is a hole in a computer or electrical system which allows hackers to take control and/or destroy them.  It was a Zero Day in a Siemens control board which allowed the Stuxnet virus to slow Iran’s nuclear program.

With the release of them into the public realm, foreign actors were allowed to fix them, degrading our country’s ability to exploit them in case of a military conflict.

On the flip side, Assange released several vulnerabilities of SCADA systems in the US.  SCADA system are basically systems used to monitor and control huge computer system like power grids and nuclear reactors.  It is now much easier for foreign actors to do things like take down US power grids or cause nuclear reactors to go into a meltdown.  It’s only a mater of time before this happens.  When it does, it is going to cost millions of American lives.

So, as a person that wants to be Command-in-Chief, responsible for protecting the US, I just don’t know someone can’t call into her decision making process when she says she would drop all charges on him and Snowden.

I don’t get it.