Politicians say lots about gun control but do little. Libs say take guns away. Reps argue that none of the proposed gun reform would make a difference. Both are intellectually dishonest. Nobody wants to put forward specific legislation for fear of alienating their constituents. I’ve been a cops for almost 20 years and can tell you what guns effectively kill and which ones don’t. From those lessons some very simple legislation can be derived. Ban semi-automatic rifles. But that’s too vague.

You have to drill down on what that means. First, let’s talk bullets. If you own a semi-automatic weapon, limited the muzzle velocity to below something like 500 m/s. Limit the grain of the bullet to below 400 gr. Limit the max capacity of a magazine to 5 rounds. This means you can own a semi-automatic hand gun, but not a semi-automatic “assault rifle”. This means you can own a high-powered, bolt-action hunting rifle. But you can’t own a high powered rifle capable of firing high velocity, large rounds in rapid succession.

This is the big difference between 2 people and 15 people getting killed in these types of shootings. Whoever a .223 round hits, fired from an AR-15, usually kills, either from hitting a vital organ or causing massive damage and they bleed out. And if you can get 30 rounds out in 10 seconds without reloading, a lot of people die.

I’m yet to go to a suicide at work, involving a high powered rifle, that was unsuccessful. I’ve gone to a bunch of unsuccessful suicides involving smaller caliber hand guns.

This is not that hard to figure out.

Let’s talk schools. I was a School Resource Officer for two years. I was in charge of securing the campus. This shit drove me crazy. Securing a campus is not hard. Create one, and only one, entry point . . . for everyone. It’s like getting into a court building. Have several armed security professionals on campus. Have them armed with metal detectors and Metal detecting sand scoop at that single entry point. Arm teachers that want to be armed. For some reason we have no problem securing malls and government buildings in this manner, but we won’t do the same to protect our kids. I’ve never understood it.

Does this stop mass shootings next week? No. Does it stop them in a year? No. There are too many guns in circulation. But in ten years the number of high powered assault style rifles dwindles. In 25 it does down either more. And when my kid is an adult the idea of owning an AR-15 seems strange. In 25 years these things stop happening.