The new fad is all this “keto”, high protein, no carb crap.  I’ve heard that eating such a diet will do everything from curing Autism to cancer.  Gary Taubes has written some of the most popular books on all the evils of the sugar and how low carb diets are the way to go.  I’ve read his books, Why We Get Fat, The Case Against Sugar and Good Calorie, Bad Calorie.  The problem is he borders on being one of these anti-carb zealots.  I do recommend his books.  They raise some good points.  Just remember when you read about the “science” and bio-chemistry stuff in the books . . . he is a journalist, not a scientist, doctor and/or researcher.

Taubes pisses a lot of people off when he talks about the “science” of the low-carb movement.  He supports his claims by citing a lot of questionable research and seems to pick studies only supportive of his point.

Recently he debated Stephan Guyenet, a research scientist in the field of diet that has been very critical of Taubes.  I posted this debate on Joe Rogan’s Podcast before.    Here it is:

Layne Norton, another research scientist (PhD), recently did a big breakdown of the Rogan podcast.  If you don’t know Norton he’s a great Twitter Troll (@BioLayne) that debunks much of the low carb myths with science.  He has a great Twitter feed if you are into health and fitness.

Norton was also on a very good episode of Rogan’s podcast:

Check out Norton’s breakdown of the podcast debate where he provides more insight by sciencing the shit out of it.