Here is the perfect example of what NEVER to do at a gym where other people are trying to workout. Here’s all the “do not’s” in one Instagram post:

1. Don’t go shirtless, try to take of your shirt or manipulate your shirt in such a manner that your sweat gets all over the equipment. Yes crossfitters, this means you too.  Just because it’s called a “box”, not a gym, does not mean I want to bump into another sweaty dude’s bare nipple or back.

2. Don’t take up room or time setting up a camera so take a selfie while others are trying to move around and workout.  In this case, it’s three pictures, not just one.  This probably took 2 or 3 minutes to complete while people are trying to get past you.

3.  Super short running shorts are great for races, period!  They are not proper attire for running on a treadmill in a gym.  On that front, either is a tri suit, tri top and/or tri bottoms while doing anything other than ACTUALLY RACING IN A TRIATHLON!

Listen everybody . . . working out is just as effective when you do it quietly, without telling all your friends or drawing attention to yourself.  Post every workout on Instagram does not enhance recovery and/or make the super-compensation your body is going to go through any more effective.

With fear of drawing more attention to his Instagram account, I have to put up the Wall of Shame, which is a running account of his workout pictures: