Thought I would pass along a little demonstration for those that wonder if HRV values really work. On 4/21 I was involved in a serious bike vs car accident while out training for an upcoming triathlon. It resulted in injuries causing no physical activity for the foreseeable future. Prior to the incident, I had been training very hard and very consistently for the prior two weeks. My HRV values, as measured by my Emfit QS, had been very low.

The 30-day trend line from my Emfit QS sleep monitor system showing a large increase in HRV value.

You can see by the increasing values after my forced rest that HRV is a very good measure of how much recovery you have been receiving.  My values are 40-50 points higher than where they were during my hard training block.

And just to be sure that it wasn’t device error, I used a second device, an Oura Ring, to validate what I was seeing.  Below is the trend line from the ring.

The trend line from the Oura Ring clearly shows improved HRV values during my recovery from a bike vs car accident (which will be on-going for the foreseeable future).

So, even more so than resting HR, I would argue that HRV is a great way to ensure your easy weeks of training are having the desired results.