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Monday, October 25, 2021


Cleaning out my stuff at the PD I'm coming across a lot of things that have some good stories attached.  The Dwarf (is that...

Bias in Policing? – Let’s Look at the Numbers

So every 2-5 years, when there is another wave of civil unrest and the media narrative is that police are hunting blacks and killing...

Holy Cow, I Must Have Been An A-Hole Cop and Didn’t Know It.

This is the kind of media coverage that makes me crazy and it's contributing to the what we are seeing now.  Here is the...

It Shouldn’t Be a Crime to Not Help Police

Yep, you heard me right.  It is ridiculous to make it a crime to not offer your assistance to a police officer when requested. ...

In an emergency: Scottsdale PD average response time hovers at 5 minutes – Scottsdale...

In an emergency: Scottsdale PD average response time hovers at 5 minutes  Scottsdale Independent

During an emergency, the Scottsdale Police Department had an average response time of just over five minutes last year, a recent records request shows.

Rules Are Changing for Police, Again!

The decision to prosecute Scot Peterson, the former Broward County Deputy that was the School Resource Officer (SRO) during the Parkland school shooting is...

Paradise Valley PD, Cyclists & First World Problems

I recently came across the following article: Cyclists draw ire: Town resident says issue remains despite police enforcement.  Being both a cyclist that rides in...

The Facts About the Phoenix Police Shoplifting Controversy

The stellar job of "journalisming" continues, this time in regards to the Phoenix Police Department's Shoplifting controversy.  Let's look back at a few of...

Lack of Ethics on Display, Again – Carrie Candler

I'm hearing lots of stories and rumors coming out of Gilbert PD in regards to Commander Carrie Candler, who was an LT with my...

SWAT, BearCats and Making the Public Safe

I recently saw the article, Militarization of Local Police Isn’t Making Anyone Safer, pop up on Digg and it pissed me off.  For about two years Digg...