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Friday, January 28, 2022

Steve Gesell is Running for Office #PHXTri http://www.phxtri.com/law-enforcement/steve-gesell-is-running-for-office/

A 1+ hour wait on the plane for a single bag, from a single passenger from a late connecting flight is a total lack of common sense @SouthwestAir. #travel

What joke @Google and #Disney. Two billion $ companies screwing over their customer (during Bowl season) for more money. Cancelled both subscriptions (@YouTubeTV / @disneyplus) today just out of principle.

By far, hands down, without any doubt, @BestBuy has the rudest and least helpful telephone assistance of any company I can remember dealing with.

Training & Fitness

Garmin Connect Adds Oxygen Sensor Support

Garmin recently released a series of firmware updates for several popular training devices that has been seldom reported on, but may mean a great deal to some, depending on the equipment you own. About...